Helping others work better together



Personal Strengths Publishing has a unique set of tools that help business and their employees strengthen relationships and become more productive. TotalSDI is their product that enables internal employees to become facilitators of this process. Saltwell was given the opportunity to help not only market TotalSDI but also contribute to the making of the tools available to both Facilitator and Learners by creating a printed learning material and an e-learning system.

E-Learning Site

Because TotalSDI certification is available as an in-person certification of as a virtual certification a custom e-learning site needed to be created to match the unique TotalSDI process.

Online Resources

We created an easy to navigate intuitive hub for facilitators to come and get training, brush up on materials, and gather resources necessary before conducting a training course.

elearning ipads
TotalSDI Facilitator Manual

Printed Material

We helped PSP create specialized training materials for both facilitators and learners. A facilitator manual of over 400 pages of insights, tips, and instructions. Customized assessment results for learners that give them insights into how they communicate with others. A PowerPoint presentation that facilitators can customize each time they teach. And other tools included worksheets, checklists, an agenda calculator, in-class posters, and other visual aids.