Sweeter vacations.

Suite Escapes

Suite Escapes started as a brilliant concept without a name or identity. The owners approached us to help them develop their brand. From their name, logo, color story, and in-room materials to a custom website we helped Suite Escapes’ vision come to life.

Custom Brand Development

Brand development is something that sets the company apart from competitors and gives the company a face that will attract customers to search and look at them because of the branding that is created for the company.

Social Media Management

With the brand inplace Suite Escapes was now able to send out their brand on social media. To stay on top of this we helped make a vertical logo as well a horizontal one to help them remain consistent as they made posts and announced deals.

Suite Escapes Map note book
Suite Escapes Business cards


The owners of Suite Escapes wanted to have a guestbook at all of their locations with information about the area, what are the best ways to get to Disneyland by foot and how to use the shuttle, and public transportation systems. We formatted and created this book, so that the guests could easily find the information that they need to know, to have the best experience as possible.