Integrated Design

School Vision

Guest Vision reached out to us and explained that they had a new product called School Vision, and they wanted to have marketing materials made for Trade shows, we started with revamping their logo to match the theme but to have an SV, for School Vision.

Design Outlines

A service that we offered them was a branding outline, this is where we helped them designate the company colors, and give them a formula to follow when they make something within the company. This includes the font types, sizes, and the color hex codes. This is important to keep unity and a structure in your company.

Upgrade Branding

We enjoying helping School Vision figure out what they wanted in their new branding. There is a chance that your company’s designs and logo will go out of date. This is because the design world is always changing. The first thing about your business that consumers notice is the logo. That interaction is vital experience, because from your logo the consumer will make decision to further look at the product or service, or not to.  


Trade Show Merchandise

When your company goes to trade shows this is where you are in a competition with other companies in the same genre as yours having giveaway merchandise that is cool with your company's logo on it so that it makes an impression and so that it’s kept past the hotel room that night. There are many items that can be made for trade shows the ones that School Vision wanted were, notepads, banners, postcards, mouse pads, and business cards.