Reward your staff


Local Engine

Local Engine reached out to us and explained that they wanted an employee handbook for when they hired new employees, they would be able to give this booklet to them as a reference as they were being trained, as well to use during their employment. Local Engine reached out to companies and offered services to help customers find them on online sources.

Design Functionality

The one element of this book that makes the design look really striking are the harsh lines that fade for the shading. Which makes the pages look as if the elements have dimension, Another important design element that is shown here is the colors are all the same hue to create consistency as different objects and parts are different colors.


The design of this handbook was thought out to be a very simple design with a notes section in the gutter of the spread. The infographics tied into the text to help the new employees to grasp a better understanding about their job, and key terms to use.

Local Engine Open Book
Local Engine Open Book


This product excelled in being able to help the employees as an easy reference as well something that was easy to remember where it was because of the graphic associated with the content. As well as the employee’s personal note in the gutter of the spread.