A Racing team for the halfcore

Half Fast

Our Creative Director was offered a chance to race a car that barely worked at speeds tipping almost 10 mph and was hooked. As a thank you he designed a custom logo for the figure 8 racing team that gave him the opportunity to race with them.

Creative process

The creative process for this logo was inspired by the racetrack nature of this sport, but as it is for the halfcore, the f in half is resting in the L. As well as it being a simple design as to be printed as a vinyl or a shirt.

Branding importance

Having something to brand your company or group helps with creating a sense of belonging. This logo made the members feel apart of a team and something worth being a part of. Even if it’s something as simple as a half core sport.


Sometimes it’s about fun

When you think about creating a company brand or simply thinking about a personal or small group logo. Think about how fun it will be to have a logo and brand that helps set you apart from all the other people and competitors out there.