Energizing photos.

Electric Peak

  • A photographer that needed branding reached out to us explaining that he was in need of a cool, sleek design to brand his work with. This photographer’s passion was outdoor photography. With only a few ideas from the photographer and a thorough understanding of what he wanted, we created him this brand of electric peak photography.

Concept Design

With this concept of the outdoors, and the idea of electricity after a few rounds of drafts the logo evolved into a peak with rays of lightning bolts. The creative process to get to this idea takes some time. But when our designers have that “ah-ha” moment you better believe you’ll be impressed with the results they come up with.

Strong Variations

Almost as important as having a solid logo. Is having similar supporting logos. With these other logos you can have nice looking stickers, business cards, and any other format of print or merchandise you would like your logo on.

Electric Peak Business Card
iPhone instagram post

Social Media

Creating a brand is important for social media, that is how many photographers and businesses reach out to potential clients. Having a solid portfolio on an easily accessible platform helps your clients to see the type of work you do and if that is something they are looking for.