Made for style and function.



Bodomint rocketed onto the market after an overwhelmingly successful Kickstarter launch. It soon became apparent that they needed to up their ecommerce game to keep up with the demand their launch created. We worked with them to create a custom Shopify site that could better handle their volume and also linked seamlessly to their social media.

Maintain the business’s image

Part of Bodomint’s charm is it was born out of an idea a young mom had that then became reality with a Kickstarter launch. As the business grew, it became our job to help it grow while still maintaining its roots.

Behind the scenes

Bodomint’s upgraded website allowed for a much more streamlined shipping and inventory management process, saving a significant amount of time.

Bodomint iPad
Bodomint iPhone

A website made to be on the go

Bodomint’s shopify site was designed to work seamlessly on any device, so busy shoppers on the go could navigate the site with the same ease as a desktop version.